Blasting Products

Exploblast supplies a complete product line of explosives and initiation systems for all blasting applications. These products are specifically manufactured to provide optimal blast results with economics in mind.

  • Packaged Explosives & Accessories
  • Bulk Emulsion
  • Seismic Explosives
  • Porous Ammonium Nitrate Prills
  • Other Rock Breaking Products

Technical Training Courses

Exploblast provides experienced and competent professionals that will customize training courses to our customer's requirements. Our courses are designed to provide education of the latest technology, blast design and optimization, storage, transportation and the handling of explosives.

Storage Magazines

Exploblast offer sufficient explosives storage magazines strategically located in Malaysia. Magazines are designed to meet or exceed Federal Regulations. In addition, we offer consultancy, design and construction of on-site storage magazines.

Blasting Equipment

Besides commercial explosives, our company also supplies and delivers blasting accessories and equipment that is vital to fulfill the shotfirer/blaster's responsibilities