TNT Seismic Boosters

TNT Seismic Boosters are of rigid cartridge construction, detonator-sensitive and made specifically for Seismic Exploration. The TNT Seismic Booster features the tried and true performance characteristics that customers have come to expect in all TNT products.

  • Performance is unaffected by extended magazine storage under proper dry conditions
  • Features solid pentolite performance and reliability
  • Significantly more stable than dynamite
  • Has a high density of 1.6kg/cubic metre, high velocity (7,500 m/s) and high detonating pressure (225kb).
  • Performs consistently regardless of hydrostatic heads of water
  • Balances low and high end frequency signals to achieve the optimum resolution available for seismic data
  • Attenuates low frequencies and accentuates high frequency
  • Reaches peak velocity within several millimeters


TNT Seismic Boosters can be initiated with a seismic detonator.

Classification UN0042, Class 1.1D

Riodet Seismic  Electric Detonator

The Riodet Seismic Electric Detonator is rugged, reliable and features excellent response time (less than 1 millisecond).

The detonators are available in a full range of lengths with 0.8 mm diameter duplex copper wire and 0.6 mm diameter single wire. The wire cover is PVC or polyethylene made to stand temperatures down to -70C. The units feature an easy-to-remove shunt cover and are packaged in rugged cardboard boxes and subpacks.

Riodet Seismic Detonators over 9 m length feature a special SBR-PVC waterseal bushing. This material is proven to be the best seal for this application. Also triple crimping and crimping pressure 5% up make this product optimal for extreme conditions applications, under 20 bar (200m) water column pressure for two months.

The Type 1 match head gives a high degree of safety against static electricity, stray electric currents and electro-magnetic radiation from radio transmitters.

Electric Characteristics

  • Wire Resistance: 0.035 ohms/meter (0.8mm wire)
  • Detonator Strength: No. 8


Classification UN0255, Class 1.4B
Transportation as Class 1.4S available