The EBMasGel 1100 series bulk emulsion explosives is derive from the manufacturing of highly stable and insensitive matrix in centralized plant and the use of “Bulk Emulsion Pumper Trucks” ┬áto transports and processes the matrix into the sensitive explosive product during placement in the bore hole. The manufacturing, delivery and placement of the product is extremely safe as emulsion product is actually sensitized in the bore hole. The product system has been designed for high reliability and performance. The 1100 series bulk emulsion matrix safe and stable and has D.O.T classification as 5.1, oxidizer, UN 1942. The salient features of the products are as follows:

Bulk emulsion explosive

Water Resistance Bulk EBMasGel have excellent water resistance, even with the extended bore hole sleep time.

Energy Efficiency EBMasGel Emulsion produce maximum assured and consistent performance.

Safety Ingredients including emulsion matrix carried on the truck are non-explosive. Explosive is formed only when all ingredients are mixed and pumped in the bore hole.

Physical characteristics

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Greasy, semisolid material
COLOUR Translucent, brownish to black
PRODUCT CAP DENSITY Typically 1.00g/cc but can be varied from 0.90 to 1.20 g/cc (Average bore hole density can be varied from about 1.10 to 1.30 g/cc. The bulk strength will also vary respectively)
VISCOSITY OF EMULSION MATRIX Tailor made to the requirements

Manufacturing plant

Raw Material Warehouse

Bulk Emulsion Pumper Truck

In-Hole Charging

UG Tunnel Face Charging