Digital slope meter

Digital Slope Meter

The digital slope meter for drilling machines measures the slope of the drilling axis regarding the vertical position

  • Accurate borehole deviation
  • Less positioning time
  • More efficiency
  • Could be adapted to any type of machine
Sensor Dual axis
Range ± 50º
Accuracy ± 0.25º
Resolution 0.1º
Power supply 12 vdc
Consumption 100m a
Dimension 160x 90 x 50 m
Weight 320g
Operating temperature -5ºc .... 50ºc
Display Ip 54
Sensor Ip 65
Power supply cable 1.9m
Sensor connecting cable 15m

Exploder Testing Unit

Exploder testing unit

To measure the electrical resistance of detonators and the insulation of installed ignition circuits, are a good option for blasting activities in mining, quarries and public works.

Circuit Tester

Ohmmeter with digital indication

Ohmmeter with digital indication

Device description

  • The ohmmeter zeb/dz3 is a portable instrument developed for measuring of electrical resistances of single bridge detonators and installed ignition circuits. With opened leather case connection to the ignition circuit and reading of the displayed is possible.
  • It has a measuring range of 0 – 1999.9ý as well as an automatic self-activation by connecting the ignition circuit to the terminals.
  • Indication is effected by a 4½ digit lcd display.
  • The housing is dust and watertight and placed in a leather case with carrying strap.
  • In a gassy mines the instrument must always be used with its leather case

Technical data

Measuring range 0 up to 1999.9Ω, resolution : 0.1Ω
Measuring current 1.5 ma ± 2 digit
Accuracy of measuring 1.0 % ± 2 digits
Indication 4½ digit, lcd
Temperature range - 20up to + 50ºc
Current supply Sufficient for approx 10,000
Dimensions 130 x 95 x 40 mm
Weight including leather case 0.55 kg

Insulation and Ignition Circuit Tester

Insulation and ignition circuit tester

Device description

  • The insulation and ignition circuit tester is a portable combined device and contains both an ohmmeter for measuring ignition circuit resistance and an insulation tester for measuring the insulation resistance of ignition circuits against earth (shunt resistance) with increased measuring voltage
  • The housing is dust and watertight and placed in a leather case with carrying strap

Technical data

Measuring range of insulation tester 0 up to 19,999Ω, resolution 1Ω
Measuring range of ignition circuit tester 0 up to 19,999Ω, resolution: 1Ω
Measuring current of insulation tester < 1 ma
Measuring current of ignition circuit tester < 2 ma
Measuring voltage of insulation tester Max. 14 v
Measuring voltage of ignition circuit tester Max. 6v
Precision 1.5% ±2 digits
Display 4½ digits, lcd
Operation temperature - 10 up to + 50ºc
Power supply 2 x 1.5 v mignon
Dimensions 130 x 95 x 40  mm
Weight including leather case 0.56 kg

Vibrometer - Digital instrument for measuring and recording vibrations

Vibrometer -  digital instrument for measuring and recording vibrations

Device description

  • Vibrations are a primary effect of any construction or blasting work (mining, quarries, demolitions) and has to be measured and controlled to avoid any dangerous consequence and to satisfy the legal requirements for this sort of operations.
  • Vibration measuring instruments zeb/vm-7d is composed by two main devices :
    • A basic version, with 4 channels
      Can be upgraded to 7 channels as an option
    • A pro version with 7 channels
  • Data is transfered to an external usb disk allown an easy way to record without the necessity of a computer.
  • All recorded vibrations can be documented directly.

Technical data

Number of channels 3 (x,y,z) + 1 microphone
Measuring range ± 130 mm/s
Sampling interval 1024 samples/s
Analogical to digital converter 16 bits
Data storage memory 128 mb
Data transfer Ethernet – usb disk
External power supply 12 v
Internal power supply Li-ion battery
Autonomy 20 hours
Visualization 4 x 20 lcd + 4 led
Keyboard 7 key membrane
Dimensions 340 x 300 x150 mm
Weight 4 kg
Life detector bioradar

Main functions

  • the system works according to the transmitting – receiving method and uses electromagnetic waves (radar waves), which go directly through obstacles
  • the received signals are analyzed by a common pc.
  • the existence of a live being within the radiation cone of the antenna can be detected after approx. 30 seconds.
  • the effective range is up to 8 m. depending on the shape of the antenna and type of material to be penetrated.

Ranges of application

In accordance with the previously described characteristics, the system is suitable for the following applications:

  • search of buried alive persons (earthquakes, avalanches, building
    Collapses, situations, etc.).
  • detection of hidden persons in trucks or passenger cars (customs, Prisons, etc.).
  • check of movements in non-metallic underground cavities (natural caves, discharge channels, sewers, etc.).


The standard equipment comprises:

  • portable case (pilot case) with electronic linkage to pc, two accumulators,
    Storage space for radar section and connecting cable
  • radar section with antenna and hf electronics.
  • connecting cable between radar section and portable case (10 m long).
  • operation and evaluation software.
  • pc and notebook (can be provided by the customer, if desired
Life detectors - acoustic ground detectors Life detectors - acoustic ground detectors

The acoustic ground detector is the rescue equipment that is easy to handle and which provides safe results even in most difficult conditions. For the search of victims buried alive its detection system captures the normally audible ground borne sound as well as the inaudible infrasound.

Three-directional geophone probe  is a block-shaped aluminium casing containing a special geophone in each of the three axes of space. Geophones supply a voltage which is proportional to the velocity of ground movements. The geophones are highly resistant as they are embedded in the probe's casing by means of casting resin and thus watertight. High-quality connectors developed for space technology ensure a perfect connection.

The special amplifier is housed in a perfectly protected, rugged casing of solid aluminium. The sockets and connectors for the probe cables are at the back of the casing, whereas all controls and displays are grouped on the front panel

The high-quality headphone to monitor amplified signals are matched to the amplifier output. The units with a microphone probe are supplied with a headset consisting of high-quality, ambient-noise suppressing earphones an a microphone.

Life detectors - acoustic ground detectors

The ms probes can be introduced into  45 mm supply boreholes. They can thus help to find trapped victims in cellars or cavities by even extremely faint cries for help or moaning and breathing noises. At the same time it is possible to establish contact with the victims by speaking to them over the speaker-microphone probe and the headset.

This special three-directional low-frequency probe for weak and ultra-low frequency ground motions (from 2 hz) can detect an acoustic trace even in soft soils, compacted sand, rubble and loose rock where audible frequencies are often completely lacking at certain distances. This probe keeps track of infrasound in the ground. With the low-frequency probe and the listening amplifier in the zeb/hg-1s or zeb/hg-and the build-in sound signal generator, which is triggered by ground motions, the low-frequency knocking signals can be heard in the miniature loudspeakter in the form of loud 2,500 hz beeps. Together with the acoustic signal there is also a clearly visible optical indicaton of even  sign of life.

Permissible and non permissible capacitor

capacitor capacitor capacitor capacitor
Type ZEB/D/CA 50K
Voltage of Capacitor (Approx.) 780 V 1160 V  1200 V
Capacity of Capacitor (Approx.) 16 µF 30 µF 40 µF
Weight 2.4 kg 2.4 kg 1.5 kg
Dimensions 100 x 125 x 155 mm 100 x 125 x 155 mm 110 x 90 x 170 mm
Max. Resistance of Circuit A 260 Ω, U 125 Ω A 810 Ω, U 370 Ω, A 810 Ω, U 370 Ω, VA 90 Ω
Electric Detonators with steel wires of 3.5 meters length in series connection 50 A, 30 U 160 A, 100 U  160 A, 100 U
Electric Detonators with Cu wires of 3.5 meters length in series connection 100 A, 90 U 300 A, 300 U  
Corresponding testing device (type) ZEB/P/D/CA 50 ZEB/P/D/CU 30 ZEB/P/D/CA 160K ZEB/P/D/Cu 100K  


  • A: Ordinary electric detonator type “A”, necessary current impulse approx. 4mWs/Ohm
  • U: Insensitive electric detonator type “U”, necessary current impulse approx. 18mWs/Ohm
  • HU: Highly sensitive electric detonator type “HU”, necessary current impulse approx. 3300mWs/Ohm
  • V: Swedish detonator type “VA”, necessary current impulse approx. 140mWs/Ohm