Exploblast has launched a very comprehensive Corporate Quality Assurance Program aimed at continuous improvement of our products, systems, processes and services. Our goal is to achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and provide added value to customers.

The Quality Assurance Program is driven by a systems-based management approach consisting of five (5) basic elements:

  • Customer Focus
  • Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
  • Quality
  • Training
  • Presentation /Housekeeping

We conduct Internal audits every twelve (12) months to track the continuous improvement process. Exploblast believes Quality is the most important ingredient.

Quality Policy

We will achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction by:

  • Conforming to our customer's requirements
  • Preventing defects
  • Always producing the right results, the first time.

Attaining World Class Operation Standards through continuous improvement, driven by a system based management approach consisting of five basic elements.

Safety, Health and Environment Policy (SHE)

The health and safety of employees and others affected by our operations is of primary importance to management whose goal is the prevention of all accidents, occupational illness and injuries.

Exploblast will manage all of its activities in a manner that ensures they meet relevant laws and regulations, are acceptable to the community at large, and that their environmental impact is reduced to a practical minimum.

In particular it is our policy to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and take any additional measures we consider necessary;
  • Make our expertise and knowledge available to the relevant authorities, emergency services and others who use our products and services;
  • Promote best practice and seek continuous improvement to SHE performance;
  • Provide appropriate safety, health and environment training for our employees;
  • Require all our employees to exercise personal responsibility and to co-operate in preventing harm to themselves, others and the environment.