Exploblast was established in 1999 and is headquartered in K.L, Malaysia. We are one of the leading suppliers of commercial explosive products to the mining, quarry, construction and oil exploration industries. Exploblast offers a full range of standard explosives and ammonium nitrate (AN) based explosive products and blasting accessories to the commercial explosives marketplace. It is one of the very few exclusive explosives companies in Malaysia with all the relevant police and authorities' permits and licenses dedicated to this highly specialized field of activity.

These products include initiating systems (both electric and non-electric detonators, cords, and boosters); packaged and bulk high explosives such as water gel and emulsion products, and bagged and bulk blasting agents (straight ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) or ANFO/emulsion blends).

Exploblast has actively collaborates at national and international level with other explosive-related companies. All these partnerships, especially at the regional level have led to the realization of an expanded market. Exploblast also participate actively in local and international conventions and seminars on current trends and development in our field of specialization and explosive safety. Staffs are periodically sent to overseas for on the job training and skills upgrading. These provide Exploblast with constant updates and skills essential for this industry.

With a proud past and a secure place in the explosives industry, Exploblast focus is fixed firmly on the future. Exploblast takes the best practices of the explosives industry and restructures it to meet the competitive challengers of today's marketplace. That means providing customers with continually improving products based on state-of-the-art technology, while constantly fine tuning the speed, efficiency, and responsiveness of our services.

Mission Statement

  • To be a customer needs driven marketer and distributor of a broad range of commercial explosives and related products and services to the Malaysian aggregate, mining and construction industries;
  • To optimize the manufacture of high value-added products and technologies via central and regional-based sites.
  • All operations will be managed in a safe, ethical, and environmentally sound manner for the maximum benefit of our customers, employees, and neighbors, while increasing the value of the company for our investors.